Carbon upgrade for the Spyderco Para3 and Para3 LW

These carbon fiber scales are a high quality upgrade for the Spyderco Para3 and Para3 LW. They are lightweight and durable at 19 grams ~ 0.67 oz, making them the perfect choice for those who want to reduce the weight of their EDC knife.

The lightweight version has an improved internal construction beside stock FRN - we added an extra washer and made a more precise design.

Material - made from 20 dense layers of 3K carbon fiber, twill weave. Made in our workshop like other good stuff for years to come.

The surface is matte, grippy texture - provides a secure grip even in wet weather and makes it easy to handle your knife in a variety of situations. Upgrade your Spyderco Para3 with these carbon fiber scales for an elegant and functional EDC tool.

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