Micarta upgrade for the Spyderco Para3 and Para3 LW

This product is an EDC (Every Day Carry) upgrade for the Spyderco Para3 and Para3 LW. This design to make your Para3 a more versatile and efficient tool for everyday use.

The models differ in internal construction.
Para3 LW kit includes an upgraded washer that improves the overall durability and feel of the knife, making it more comfortable to carry and use - in the stock scale here only the FRN seal*.

Upgrade your Spyderco Para3 or Para3 LW with this micarta scales is a handy option for every day, it's very comfortable to hold without fear of the knife slipping out, as the Micarta composite is made by Custom Knife Scales with a distinct texture and treated with a protective compound. Very durable - it doesn't collect dirt, scratches or dents and yet is lightweight at 17.7 grams ~ 0.6 oz. Nice color - reminiscent of natural wood grain.

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